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Influenza and pneumococcal vaccines

Flu vaccine

More information on flu vaccine and who is entitled to a free flu vaccine:

Pneumococcal vaccine (PPV23)

You should speak to your doctor or practice nurse about the pneumococcal vaccine (PPV23). The pneumococcal vaccine (PPV23) is free if you are 65 years or older, or if you are in an at-risk group. If you have a medical card or “GP visit card”, the vaccine and consultation are free. If you do not have a medical card or “GP visit card”, the vaccine is free but you will be charged a consultation fee.

Nurse consultation is €30 pp. 

If you have had a pneumococcal vaccine within the last 10 years you may not be entitled to a free vaccine within that period. 

We can administer the vaccine but there will be a charge of €30 if not covered by the HSE.

More information on Pneumococcal vaccine:
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